Collection Get! in strange places...

Once you are signed to a record label you give up a certain amount of control over your music. I think this is a good thing, because it lets your music get beyond you, and people can interact with it in ways that are unexpected.

One of my tracks is currently playing as part of a short film, available on all Air Canada flights.

I also just got a track licensed by NCSU deign college. "Forget the Princess" was part of their Art to Wear show.

They edited the track heavily, but that is business as usual according to my commercial music friends. Seeing hip beautiful fashion people combined with Grace and My track is pretty neat.

Magnatune and Bearcat

Collection Get! Has signed with Magnatune. They are great people and have been wonderful to work with so far. Thanks to all the magnatune fans who have bought our album and send us e-mails. We appreciate all the feedback!


I'm back in Montreal, but I've got all kinds of evidence that I was in Manitoba having a great time.

Check out some of our new pictures in the pictures section. Planning our next shows. Something over the holidays, more Jazz.


Grace and I have some amazing new photos to share. We'll post them soon.

First Show

We're having our debut show at the Cluster's Annual Wrap Up Party.

It's happening Thursday, August 12th at the Perret/Roy Studio, 290 McDermot (5th Floor) in Winnipeg. Doors at 7:30pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets are $7 at the door or $5 if you're wearing green for Cluster.

The time is upon us

In just over 3 weeks Eliot will be in Winnipeg for a 6 week stay.
We are hoping to:

-starting to work on our live set
-send out press kits
-get professional pictures
-update our website with

And most importantly, start playing live shows!

We will keep you posted on our progress. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.

New Adventures

Grace and I are putting together our live set! We're both going to be working double duty, which is an exciting change. Grace is vocals and keys. I'll be doing two types of bass! Synth and electric. Digital turntables will be involved as well, but we're working out the details.

Keep an eye out for postings about our first live show.



Hi Everybody!

Grace and Eliot Here,

Kevin just made this sweet new website for us! We're working to fill in the website cracks with additional information. Lyrics, bios etc. If you haven't heard our stuff, check it out in the "listen" section.

Right now we're working on putting together a live show that captures some of the ideas we put together in the studio.

Thanks to everybody who has already picked up a copy of the CD. If you're interested talk to one of us directly, or try out the "Buy Now" button on the left.